Group training

At LMHQ we pride ourselves on offering an inclusive training space for all.

Join our tribe!

Working out with like-minded people encourages a sense of community, allowing you to meet new people and develop new friendships.

Our trainers lead the sessions to support you to perfect your technique, ensuring you’re doing everything safely and working in the right way for maximum benefit.

Group training brings variety to your training.

At LMHQ our group training sessions are led by expert coaches and take place every day. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to training or an experienced gym goer, we have something for everyone.

Indoor cycling classes at LMHQ

Do you want to:

decrease stress • burn calories • increase your endurance
• increase your sense of community • feel energised 

When does it happen:

Tuesdays 5:30pm | Wednesdays 5:30pm | Thursdays 6:45am

Pilates at LMHQ with Tracey

Here are some of the benefits of Pilates:

Increase your core and lower back strength • Enhanced muscular control in your back
• Improved stabilisation of your spine • Relieve tension in your shoulders, back and legs
• A great way to help prevent injury

When does it happen:

Mondays 11am | Thursdays 6pm | Fridays 10.45am

From our clients…

“I never thought I’d be comfortable in a group training setting but I love them! Lee puts so much thought into each session.

They are intense, lots of fun and such a sense of achievement to be training alongside others, all doing the same thing but each of us at our own challenging level.

I’m so happy I joined and have achieved so much!”


Do I have to be fit?

No. Our clients vary in age and fitness levels. All sessions are scaleable and remember everyone starts somewhere.

All clients are welcome to use our Inbody scanner. The Inbody scanner is a state of the art piece of equipment and helps to track clients body composition progress. This adds extra accountability to your training.

1 to 1 Training
All sessions are personalised to your own goals & progress is monitored and sustained.

Join the tribe

Group Training
All sessions are personalised to your own goals & progress is monitored and sustained.

Join the tribe


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