Adam Collard visits the fitness studio

November 12, 2019

On Saturday 9th November we welcomed Adam Collard to the gym to hold a nutrition seminar and small group personal training session for 12 lucky clients. It was a great feeling to bring Adam to Wetherby and to our fitness studio.

Adam runs his own personal training facility in Newcastle. His concept of training is similar to my own and his gym incorporates functional training of the highest standard. It was great to have another coach at our fitness centre who is highly regarded in the industry.

The seminar lasted around 45 minutes and it helped give my clients a greater understanding on nutrition. Firstly, we discussed the basic foundations of nutrition. This added knowledge will help my clients understand just how important eating a healthier diet is. In this section we also discussed how we can apply these foundations to enhance our performance whilst in the gym. Adam delivered the talk really well and people were keen to learn more. Up next we covered intermittent fasting and how this can help people lose body fat. Thirdly, we discussed how to calculate macronutrients and how to work out your BMR. Finally, we talked about how to make minor cuts to make a big difference to your diet. This topic was really key. All my clients commented how vital these tips were and how much they enjoyed the nutrition section.

After the nutrition seminar Adam planned and delivered a 45 min group training session to my clients. We worked on flexibility, strength and conditioning. The feedback from the training session was all positive and my clients were left buzzing from the event.

The day was a huge success and myself and Adam agreed that he will return and hold another event in the future.


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