Fitness Games 2019

July 5, 2019

Sunday September 8th sees the launch of the inaugural “Lee Murphy Fitness Games 2019”. Fun, athletic challenges, motivation and prizes.

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There is no fee to sign up, but each team have the opportunity to make an optional donation to Martin House Hospice Care for Children and Young People.

When you click “enter your team now” please state which wave time your team prefers. Wave guarantee is on a first come first serve basis. 

The options are:

  • 9am 
  • 10.15am 
  • 11.30am 
  • 12.45pm 
  • 2pm 
  • 3.15pm 

I may offer bonus points for a good/funny  team name, so make sure you come up with something half decent! 

The workout will include all your favourite pieces of equipment from the studio with some additional farm yard fitness for good measure.

Points will be earned throughout the set session with the winning team scooping:

  • 10% discount off the winning team’s celebratory brunch at the The Tea Lounge – with an exciting new menu coming soon! 
  • 10% discount for a team fruit and veg shop at Bert’s Barrow
  • 4 FREE group training sessions at the studio for the winning 6 

Bring it on!!! 

Enter your team now

In association with:
The Tea Lounge Tadcaster | Berts Barrow farm shop 


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