InBody Scanner at Lee Murphy’s Gym

November 30, 2020

I am very happy to announce a new piece exciting fitness tech now available for use at my gym – the InBody 270 Body Scanner.

The InBody 270 measures a persons body fat, muscle mass, and body water levels within 15 seconds. No discomfort. Simply stand on the 270 and hold onto the electrodes.

The 270 machine is 98.8% accurate and uses bio electrical impedance technology. There are no empirical estimations such as gender and age are used to predict your body composition. Every person who uses the Inbody machine receives a results sheet.

Technology such as the InBody U.K. is what sets our fitness facility apart from the rest. All 1-1 personal training packages include the InBody technology. This gives my clients even more accountability.

Health MOT’s are available for all group training clients and non members for £20.

Check out my video about the InBody 270 below


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